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18. 11. 2011.

Grim's Dyke

Petak je idealan dan da zgotovite posao
za ovaj tjedan,
pa mi se pridružite
na laganu šetnju
i popodnevni čaj,
na jednom posebnom mjestu.
Znam... znam, čaj pijete jedino kad ste bolesni,
međutim jedno dooobro piće bi vam baš 'leglo' odlično.
Čekam vas tamo.
Da ne dođete neobaviješteni,
odnosno kao muhe bez glave,
upoznajte ovim putem
Grim's Dyke.

Grim's Dyke has a fascinating history since it's construction in 1872 by Richard Norman Shaw for the eminent Victorian artist, Frederick Goodall.
In 1890, it was bought by W.S. Gilbert, the famous dramatist and librettist partner of Sir Arthur Sullivan, and it remained his home for over 20 years until his death in the lake.
Sir William S Gilbert died on the 29th May 1911 while teaching two young women how to swim in his lake. One of the women, out of her depth, called out for help and Gilbert tried to rescue her. Accounts are conflicting but he died of heart failure, either in the middle of the lake during the attempted rescue or shortly thereafter.
Grimsdyke has acheived awards for it's garden's, was a sanitorium and hospital, the site of secret World War 11 projects, became a film set for Hammer Horror films and, the location for many well known TV shows.
Surrounding the house are the ground's, an enchanting mix of wild woodland and formal gardens. The rhododendron's introduced in the late 1850's, burst into life in the Spring, presided over by the majestic Giant Redwood's and Monkey Puzzle tree. Bluebell's carpet the wood's and flank the gently winding paths. Indeed, lost paths are still being unearthed. In 2001, the head gardener discovered a labyrinth of cobbled pathways linking the lake and the Dyke and a secret monkey house built for Gilbert's pet monkeys.
Walk past Lady Gilbert's treasured sunken rose garden, where over 12 historical varieties of roses bloom, over the moat where the duck's swim quietly and you will find Gilberts orchard, home to many diferent fruit tree's including a Ribbstin Pippin apple, first eaten in 1707.
Inside the house amongst the bedroom's, is the restaurant, a magnificent music room with it's breathtaking Minstrel's Gallery and alabaster fireplace, and a beautiful drawing room with original oak-panelling, imposing fireplace and views over the croquet lawn.
Back outside, walk deeper into the woods and you will come across the famous boating lake. Lady Gilbert had the lake drained after Sir William's death but the lake and original waterfall are now being restored, and should be back to their former glory soon.

Jacqueline @ HOME, Hertfordshire

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  1. Koja je ovo ljepota!!! Rado se pridruzujem!

  2. Idealno za misteriozni vikend... Idealno za odmor uz citanje knjiga Agate Kristi... Idealno za Tea for Two :))

  3. Jedino bi ovde mogla naci mir,nemate pojma koliko mi pomaze ovaj blog

  4. tacno u 5 sam tamo!

  5. Mjesto iz snova. Tu bi najrađe bila i zadržala se neko vrijeme!


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