05. 12. 2013.

STARS OF THE WEEK: Admiration worthy Water Polo Team

I've been having so much respect and absolute support for you guys,
however, these days in particular, my heart is full of adoration and pride for you!
It took a lot of effort and fearlessness to reach the top,
and through enduring practices and amazing team work, you rose to it!
Go Tigers!
Although you have a huge support from your continent,
Europe cheers for you, as well, and Split in Croatia roars the loudest!
We congratulate you on your success and your trophies,
and we wish you all the best to the end!!!

Keep going, fearlessly!

We are all with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go Tigers!

But, just to remind you... at the end of the most spectacular season
in the history of University,
at least, you are expected to do (!) and to share this amazing performance 
(on Youtube, please) :)
Ha ha ha ha ha, wouldn't that be unique and completely cool....:) !?!
Makes me wonder how come no elite athlete has ever done something like that!?!
You guys have enviable movements, 
good look 
and numerous parties behind you,
another words 
you got it all!!!
It would be better promotion than any existing commercial!!!
And, of course, it wouldn't hurt should you perform this number 
wearing your 'customs'  - swimming trunks and water polo caps on your heads;)
The whole world would go nuts about you!!!!!!!!!

As nuts as I am about you, 

with my heart beating for you,

cheering loudly for you,

so I bet, you can hear my voice across the ocean!!!!!!!

GO TIGERS! ! ! ! ! ! !

My best regard to the whole team and coach James,

Goran's mother


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