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11. 09. 2011.

lea & darija

2011/101'/ 35 mm/ Colour/ Drama/Croatian

This biographical film is based on the true story of Lea Deutch and Darija Gasteiger, the stars of a famous children’s show The Children’s Realm staged in the Croatian National Theatre during WW II.
Lea, nicknamed ‘the Croatian Shirley Temple’ is an immensely popular and talented actress and dancer.
Her chief rival is the theatre’s other big rising star, Darija. Lea is Jewish, while Darija is of German descent.
The War separates their destinies forever.
One ends in a wagon to Auswitz.
The other survives thanks to a refugee wagon to Vienna.

Directed by Branko Ivanda

Main Cast Klara Naka, Tamy Zajec, Zrinka Cvitešić, Sebastian Cavazza, Linda Begonja, Vedran Živolić, Ana Vilenica, Radovan Ruždjak, Branko Završan

Written by Branko Ivanda

Cinematography Mirko Pivčević

Art Direction Ivo Hušnjak

Costume Design Barbara Bourek

Music Alfi Kabiljo

Picture Editing Marin Juranić

Produced by Lidija Ivanda

Production company Ars Septima; in association with Croatian Radiotelevision (HRT), Zagreb film (Croatia), ArtRebel9 (Slovenia)
Branko Ivanda (1941) has been a film director for over 30 years: his work includes tv feature films and dramas, musicals and documentary shows, as well as theatre productions. In addition, he writes screenplays and essays and occasionally directs commercials. He has directed 4 theatrical feature films: Gravity, or Fantastic Youth of Boris Horvat the Clerk (1968), Court Marshal (1879), A Crime in School (1982) and The Horseman (2003.) His tv and big-screen feature films have been shown at many domestic and international festivals.

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